Mick Capewell
In Rose Coloured Land music is everywhere. Music is all important to me. I present Music shows, not shows full of me waffling on and on. I’m a music fan, mainly of the “Golden Age” of the 60s and 70s, but I’ll play anything as long as I think it’s good. My attitude is that we’ve had 60+ plus years since the Rock ‘n’ Roll Revolution…so why do so many Radio Stations play the same mouldy old Hits over and over again? There are hundreds of thousands of great songs out there, so why not play them? Variety is the spice of life AND radio! So I play hits, flops, B-sides, rarities, radio sessions, live tracks, whatever. Most RCG shows are from the “Golden Age Dream Days”…and as I have an extensive collection of old music papers from the mid 60s to the mid 70s (and beyond), I go through one of them per week and play music from acts that are mentioned inside…be it an interview, an advert, a new chart entry, a review of a new disc, a live gig or whatever. It’s a different year every week so one show could be dominated by 60s Beat, and the following week by Glam or Prog from the 70s. The keyword is VARIETY! Pop, Rock, Folk, Soul, Glam, Punk etc…it’s all there. Once a month a show will be devoted to The A To Z of Vintage Great British Rock! A loose term because pop and folk get a look-in too. We began with Aardvark and will end with ZZebra…sometime in the 22nd Century probably. Finally, when the fancy takes me, but usually monthly too, I’ll do a “random” show, where I’ll play what I like, plus any requests that are lying around. There are regular spots in these shows…Roll Over Beethoven, We’re An American Band, Compilation of the Week and more. As I said above…anything goes…one minute a Garage-Punk track and the next minute an old Jazz piece. If it’s Rose Coloured then it all fits… As with Rose Coloured Glasses, the accent is on music…or rather “Songs”. Lots of them! 2 hours of “Nice Stuff”. If you like Soft-Rock, Country, Folk, Americana, Singer-Songwriter styles then hopefully you’ll enjoy PMT. Again I like to play songs that aren’t played to death on other stations. It doesn’t matter if it’s from the 1950s (or earlier) or something that’s just been released, a good song is a good song. If you would like to request songs to be played on PMT all you have to do is send an e-mail to [email protected] and I’ll do my best to dig them out and give them a spin. Send me long lists of obscure songs and I’ll be a very happy chap!
Live Archive

Saturday at 06:00pm and Sunday at 05:00am

Live archives with Mick Capewell Tonight Queen recorded in 1973 and the Live Aid performance

Mick Capewell's Magic Swirling Ship

Thursday at 09:00pm

All aboard the Magic Swirling Ship for a journey to wherever your mind wants to go. 2 hours of mind-bending Psych, Garage and more...

Poets Minstrels and Troubadours

Monday at 02:00am and Friday at 07:00pm

2 hours of Nice Stuff old and new in a Rootsy style. Blues, Folk, Rock 'n' Roll, Singer-Songwriter, Americana, Country-Rock and more. Requests are most welcome. Please send them to [email protected]

Rose Coloured Glasses

Saturday at 09:00pm

Mick Capewell picks out an old music publication from his collection and plays tracks from acts featured in the musty pages. In this show it's Record World published this week in May 1976

The Aromatic Allotment

Friday at 04:00am , Wednesday at 10:00pm and Monday at 12:00am

Mick Capewell invites you to eradicate the weeds in the Aromatic Allotment, a wondrous place full of mystical music, mythical poetry and prose, advertisements, show promos, exclusive recordings by superstar acts and much, much more...Can you dig it?

The Lamb Lies Down On Herne Bay

Sunday at 07:00pm

Mick Capewell plays another 3 hour selection of Vintage Progressive music from all over the world! The 200th Edition!