Steve Bishop

Was a button presser behind the scenes at many commercial and BBC local stations and went on to present his own show on Radio Caroline. Further stints on community radio stations in the South East of England led to him recording and syndicating his own oldies show, with music in the 50s to 80s period, from the comfort of his garden coal bunker, despite the fire risk. He can often be found on the terraces of Queens Park Rangers football club but wonders why, as they never go and see him when he's bad. Drinks tea like it's going out of fashion. A self-confessed luddite, he still uses CD players, record decks and tape machines. Steve’s music taste includes artists such as Electric Light Orchestra, Al Stewart, David Bowie and 1970s Queen. He intends to get away with doing his radio show for as long as possible.

The Steve Bishop Show

Friday at 10:00am , Monday at 06:00am , Tuesday at 06:00pm , Monday at 03:00pm , Sunday at 01:00pm and Saturday at 03:00am

Steve Bishop has been making radio programmes for nigh on 30 years and, surprisingly, finding willing broadcasters for the same length of time. These have included BBC Radio 2 and 5, Virgin Radio and several notable stations across the Midlands. Musically his tastes are eclectic, or all over the place, depending on your point of view. For his offering on WCR he'll be delivering a show stuffed with gems for those of a discerning musical palate.